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Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization (Exploding The Myths) Book Pdf


Download: Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization (Exploding the Myths) 9780924944031: Anthony T. Browder: Books. The Nile Valley built the world's first civilizations - so the myth goes - and after Noah's Flood, God turned the fertile soil of Africa into desert. In the 30-plus years since I set off to explore the continents of our planet, I have seen firsthand that this interpretation is not only inaccurate but also extremely misleading. No evidence that the world's first civilizations came from Africa exists in any written record. A review of the ancient evidence reveals that a series of not very stable Mesopotamian civilizations actually arose in several locations in the Nile River Valley. The first to appear was Sumer in southern Mesopotamia in roughly 5000 BCE, the forerunner of the world's first great city-states, with a written language, an organized society, and agriculture. The world's first civilization. Over the next millennia, early Mesopotamian cities evolved into mature civilizations. The inhabitants created a sophisticated culture with highly developed writing, art, architecture, law, and commerce. They invented an advanced form of irrigation agriculture that revolutionized the world. They prospered until the vast empire of Egypt arose and conquered them. Egyptian monotheism and an empire that ruled for more than three millennia ended all centralized government in the ancient world. Mesopotamia gradually degenerated into a militarized chaos until Sumer broke away from Egypt to form a modern state. The Sumerian Empire that followed lasted almost 700 years. But it also collapsed into a civil war of competing city-states. Sumer was followed by Babylon, which eventually conquered Sumer. Babylon followed the same general course as Sumer. Its cities and its written language flourished, and the world's first comprehensive legal system was developed. The Persian Empire followed, with both written and oral law, like no other political entity in history. This author says his thesis is about "exploding the myths" and quotes Roland Murphy, an Irish scientist and pagan, who wrote in an online journal that "We should use the word'myths' here rather than 'falsehoods' because I believe that the greatest falsehoods are those which have been built into the foundations of our culture." This book contains a lot of information on the history of the Nile Valley. Information that might be helpful to anyone researching the evolution of civilization.




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Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization (Exploding The Myths) Book Pdf

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